In a week we return home and this blog becomes redundant, so I had better make sure the last few posts are decent in order to keep my massive fanbase happy. After leaving Middle Earth (Hobbiton Movie Set) we took our campervan up New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula – highlights included Hot Water Beach and the […]

Since the last blog post my travel partner and I have travelled 1258 kilometres. Let’s see how much of it I can cram into one blog post. Starting in Franz Josef, we did a tour of the local glacier; an amazing experience dampened slightly by the fact that I left my belongings somewhere up there whilst […]

Climbing into a melting ice cave/crevasse

Mark this day down in your diaries people, as this is my first blog post from New Zealand. This blog’s brief was to demonstrate how easy travelling can be and so far, touchwood, our NZ trip has been relatively stress free. Don’t worry though, I may shoehorn in a lie or two just to keep […]

All good things must come to an end, and so we have left Australia and arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand. If my freezing cold fingers allow me to, I will now bring you up to date with the final days in Queensland and New South Wales. Following our disastrous Whitsundays trip, my travel partner JB […]

Now is the time to spill the truth. ‘What truth David?’ I hear you ask. Is it the lies and corruption of the shadowy powers that influence our governments? Nope, it’s about our recent two night sailing trip to The Whitsundays. Could this blog be any edgier? Firstly, some background information. I found it odd that travel […]

Do not worry legions of followers. Yes I have entered Queensland and have not updated the blog for a while, but I have not succumbed to a snake bite, jellyfish sting, or crocodile attack. A long while spent working in a hostel can explain my absence from the internet, so now I will round up […]

After a night’s stay in Port Macquarie, where we visited a koala hospital and a good few swarm of bats, we made our way to Coffs Harbour where our second Workaway this year would begin. We were picked up by our host, who took us via ute to his place in the not quite so […]


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